texxtperts Translation Services Celebrates 10th Anniversary: 8,000+ Meters and Added Value

Since 2004, when Manuela Wilpert founded texxtperts Translation Services, the professional translator for English, Spanish and German with 20 years’ experience and a university degree in translation, has been utilizing not only her exceptional language skills but also her passion for mountaineering. Having summited one of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000 meters, the successful high-altitude climber benefits from this expertise at the workplace as well: It proves to be a key advantage when translating for the outdoor and mountaineering industries, resulting in tailored, authentic and persuasive communications.

Achieving ambitious goals has also been her objective in the world of business. Specializing in the IT and technology, manufacturing and packaging industries as well as on business and finance topics, texxtperts Translations Services sets high standards for the company’s quality of work. “This type of communication calls for special linguistic skills and marketing insights. Understanding the client’s underlying vision is paramount, so the translations can be tailored to the target audience and will add value to the client’s marketing communications,” explains Manuela.

As a result, customer satisfaction remains high. texxtperts’ clients appreciate the high level of expertise and the focus on meeting their industry-specific business needs: “The translated texts invariably convey a very compelling message tailored to our target audience,” a happy regular client in the packaging industry points out.

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