ibaLink-io-embedded establishes compatibility to iba measurement components

For manufacturers of automation systems, ibaLink-io-embedded offers a high-performing possibility to connect to the “iba world”. By means of a parallel asynchronous data bus that can be operated optionally in 8 bit or 16 bit mode, the module is directly integrated into the controller. Due to its compact design, the module only needs little space. Via the 32 Mbit/s fiber optics connection, the controller is able to communicate with the connected iba modules. This way, process data can be cyclically acquired from the controller, analyzed efficiently and managed by means of the proven iba components. Moreover, different systems can be linked, using a bidirectional fiber optics technology.

By introducing ibaLink-io-embedded, iba responds to the explicit wish of several manufacturers of automation systems to have a direct connection to the high-performing measurement components of the German company. On the basis of the predefined interface, the manufacturer can configure the plug-in module to his individual needs. For facilitating an optimal connection to the measurement components, iba provides a design guide to the manufacturers of automation systems. Using this guide, the in-house developer can realize a customized integration of the module.

With this module, the CPU of the controller gets an additional Dual-Port-RAM storage. Hence, the connected ibaLink module reads the data cyclically from this storage area. Subsequently, the collected data are transferred by means of a bidirectional fiber optics cable and can then be treated the way the customer is used to from other iba components. The data material can be analyzed by ibaAnalyzer and managed in ibaDatManager.

Using ibaLink-io-embedded in practice
The new module has already successfully been used in the field of drive optimization. In the case mentioned, the manufacturer directly integrated the module in the company’s own drive controller. Via a fiber optics interface, an iba measurement data acquisition system can be connected as fast transient recorder. In ibaPDA, the process data of the drive unit are recorded, in ibaAnalyzer these data are analyzed. On the basis of the findings made, the drive control is optimized. This results in a significant reduction of the commissioning time for the drive, a fact that has been enthusiastically embraced by the final customer.

Operating modes
Depending on the application, ibaLink-io-embedded can be operated in different modes. The highest degree of flexibility is offered by the new 32Mbit Flex ibaNet protocol. In case the ibaLink-io-embedded with 32Mbit Flex is used, the data rate, the data amount and the data formats can be selected freely. For small data amounts, the cycle time can be reduced to up to 10 μs at 17 Bytes. The highest selectable data amount is at 4060 bytes. In this mode, the cycle time is at 1.4 ms. Using this protocol, up to 15 devices can be cascaded.

ibaLink-io-embedded at a glance
• Integrated connection of iba measurement systems in OEM solutions
• Bidirectional FO-connection for analog and digital I/O signals
• Fast 8/16 bit Dual Port RAM data interface
• Support of the 32Mbit, 32Mbit Flex ibaNet communication protocols
• Flexible setting of data rate, data amount and data format with 32Mbit Flex
• Support of different operation modes (cascading, point-to-point)
• Compact design

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