WayCon –Multipipe idea for the BP oil disaster in the US

Pipe connection to an undefined natural opening or pipe system e.g. blowout preventer BOP, with escaping liquid/oil under high pressure.

1) Feed in several pipes into the opening. Either one by one, or all connected together with a ring. The protection ring could help to avoid choking and damaging the pipes. Space between the single pipes is necessary to allow the filler material (e.g. concrete) to flow between the pipes and flooding the sealing area.

2) The end of one filler pipe is placed higher at the sealing area. A protection shield below the filler pipe is recommended, to avoid filler material nearby the end of the multi-pipes.

3) First start oil suction throug the multipipes, so that the sealing zone is almost free of flow. Filler material must be pumped under preasure out of the filler pipe to become a plug.

4) The concrete plug will seal multipipes into the opening.

Hopefully this or other suggestions will prevent the further output of oil in the ocean.

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