The Aspect Quality test laboratory relies on the BINDER KBF 720 constant climate chamber

Homogeneous climate conditions thanks to APT.lineTM technology
Aspect Quality GmbH is a service company in Southern Germany. As an independent test laboratory, Aspect Quality GmbH gives companies in various industries including automotive, electronics and medical engineering the opportunity to qualify products and materials using one test method. At the same time, the service provider also carries out standard requalifications for its customers, which is an important component in the development process. For environmental simulation testing, the company places special emphasis on uniform test room conditions. Only if each component is exposed to the same test conditions in the chamber, a qualified test report can be generated which meets the required standards and qualifications. It is here that the APT.lineTM technology developed by BINDER is proven with its uniform, gentle air circulation. The air that comes in from two sides over large-area side walls creates extremely homogeneous climate conditions throughout the test specimens. This feature is particularly important for Aspect Quality GmbH in meeting the high level of quality requirements.
KBF 720 constant climate chamber ? the specialist in its field
There are no limits in the selection of materials. For the service provider, therefore, the ability to quickly and flexibly match the simulation testing with the respective material is important. When testing paints, for example, humidity plays an important role as opposed to testing plastics, where thermal resistance is the focus. For plastics, heat leads to accelerated aging, which can directly lead to safety risks in the automotive industry. Only through material testing using environmental simulation chambers can risks be identified and eliminated. The KBF 720 is the specialist in this area of application. With its high performance reserve, as well as automatic water and wastewater management, it is provided for reliable simulation testing and constant climate conditions. Its reliability and durability is proven by its constant use in the standardized testing. The BINDER KBF 720, for example, reliably meets DIN EN 60068-2-78 requirements of constant humidity and heat. This standard is used specifically for testing products that are transported, stored and operated at ordinary ambient temperatures.
Optimal value for the money ensures competitiveness
In addition to the ability to quickly and easily procure equipment, Aspect Quality sees another advantage in a favourable price-performance ratio. For Managing Director, Markus Theurer, the most important feature of the BINDER KBF 720 is „to offer the possibility of standardized constant climate and temperature storage at the most competitive and fair prices.“ This is achieved through the relatively low purchase price and the low maintenance costs with low power consumption.
In addition, the independent test laboratory values the many years of experience of the BINDER GmbH in the area of constant climate chambers, high reliability and good conditions.

BINDER is the largest specialty manufacturer of simulation chambers for science and industry in the world. With its technical solutions, the company contributes significantly to improving the health and safety of people. Our range of products is suitable for routine applications, highly specialized work in research and development, production and quality assurance. With 350 employees worldwide and an export share of 80%, BINDER GmbH is planning to achieve sales figure of around 58 million euros in 2012.

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