Smarter aircraft instrumentation can save you thousands of dollars

Immediate Release September 24, 2014 – Peak condition however, is a relative term because there are factors within an aircraft that are just not visible or factors that cannot be heard or felt. Take for example engine wear and tear. Wouldn–t it be nice if you had instruments in your cluster that provided just little tinny weenie bit more information on what was happening inside your aircraft engine?

Wouldn–t you love to know what kind of internal combustion pressures are exerted relative to your LOP? Take the EDM 800 engine analyzer (manufactured by JP Instruments) for example. When operated in LOP mode, it displays the exhaust gas and cylinder head temperatures for each cylinder from the top of the display downward in „icicle“ format as opposed to the usual bottom up format.

The EDM 800 by JP Instruments makes it easy to watch each cylinder of your aircraft go lean of peak as you lean the mixture. The EDM 800 system places a small dot above the first and last cylinder to go lean and it does this while displaying the fuel flow in gallons per hour.

Pilots who added the EDM 800 to their instrument cluster swear that it was the best decision they made. Without exception they all agree that the EDM 800 Aircraft engine monitor resulted in flying their aircraft at the correct mixture setting which in turn resulted in a fuel saving of between 4 and 6 gallons per hour. So if they flew between (say) 150 to 250 hours a year their saving on fuel alone would be thousands of dollars. Add to this, lower maintenance cost and the result is that the EDM 800 pays for the hangar rent and then some.

Fact is, LOP requires good instrumentation to help the pilot know what is happening with the engine. For those who want perfection in their planes, a multi-probe real-time engine analyzer and Aircraft sensors is a must.

About J.P.Instruments:

Founded in the mide 80–s by Joseph Polizzotto, J.P.Instruments has been manufacturing speciality aircraft instruments that add real-time information to your instrument cluster – information of the kind that was until now not available.

Their star instruments include engine data management systems, intelligent fuel flow gauges, GPS moving maps and so on.

Some the aircraft instruments developed by J.P.Instruments include:

1. EGT or CHT Kit,
2. CHT gasket M-113-3/8 probe,
3. TIT Probes,
4. RPM sensor to EDM-700/730 Slick or Bendix,
5. OIL pressure sensor to EDM-700/800 and 730 PN 306018, Manifold pressure PN 604010 for EDM-700/800 and 730/830 series,
6. Oil Temperature 1/8 NPT thread PN 400505,
7. Oil Temperature 5/8-18 thread Primary PN 400509,
8. Primary Series Fuel Pressure Non-Turbocharged,
9. Primary Series Fuel Pressure, Turbocharged upper/lower deck pressure,
10. Primary Series Manifold pressure, Oil Pressure

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