Sensor technology at bmcm: Industrial sensors and strain gauges

In PC data acquisition, the selection of a sensor is the suitable starting point for many, to solve a measuring task. Basically, a measuring task means to record a certain physical quantity and to provide these values in digital form.

In industrial production, for example, environmental conditions, such as temperature or humidity, must be measured permanently. In the field of testing, products have to pass stress tests performing strain measurements under force application, for instance. Scientific experiments require to measure the most varied physical quantities in order to make well-founded statements.

Many more applications could be listed in this context. These examples, however, illustrate how large the variety of available sensors must be. And indeed, many users are not able to handle the large choice of sensors. Significant differences in design, quality and price levels exist even between sensor types recording the same physical quantity. In addition, the user must ensure the compatibility to a data acquisition system or a measuring amplifier or transformer connected in between.

By assorting a choice of sensors BMC Messsysteme GmbH has taken care of this problem. They are available at bmcm and fully compatible to the bmcm products of signal conditioning and data acquisition. So far, the range consisted of semiconductor sensors, active und passive „Sensor Components“, (SC series) and „Digital Sensors“ (SD series)and has been completed now by the categories „Industrial Sensors“ (SI series) and „Strain Gauges“ (SG series) covering a large range of measuring applications.

All sensors have been tested with data acquisition systems and measuring amplifiers from bmcm. Several connection examples illustrate the connection and use of the sensors. The offered sensor types represent only a selection. For special types, bmcm can be contacted, if necessary.

Sensors with high quality concerning design, robustness and accuracy fall in the category of the industrial sensors. Since customer proximity, reachability and „made in Germany“ play an important role at bmcm, sensors of German manufacturers providing intensive counseling to customers with special demands have been chosen primarily.

A special part in sensor technology is played by strain gauges, because strain gauge measuring applications demand extended background knowledge. Therefore, BMC Messsysteme GmbH has grouped them in a separate category providing not just strain gauge sensors but also accessories to setup a strain gauge application.

In this connection, the product overview „SENSORS“ introducing the available sensors at bmcm has been released. It can be ordered for free or be downloaded as PDF file from the bmcm website.

With the great choice of sensors BMC Messsysteme GmbH provides not just a good start to solve measurement tasks but also brings problems to an end – with measurement technology from sensor to software.

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