Requirements on sensors in the German F&B Industry

Bochum, June 21, 2010. The requirements on sensors show clear but differentiated emphases.

The central point of the requirements on sensors is as expected its high type of protection. This results from the high hygiene requirements demanding intensive cleaning of the production plants and accordingly of the sensors as well.

65% of the F&B companies called the high type of protection as product criterion. This criterion ranges from IP 54 or IP 55 over IP 65 up to IP 69k. This differentiation is based on different sectors of the production. The process itself is often combined with heat, moisture and temperature changes while the packaging and final packing sector show mainly mechanical exposures, which do not require high type of protection.

Finally the difference between wet and drying sector plays a role with the type of protection of the sensors.

16% of the companies prefer high-grade steel versions of the sensors. However, special applications prevail.

The sensor must be good to clean, 11% of the companies highlight this criterion.

Finally 7% demand a special cable jacket for the connecting cable of the sensors. So it is to be prevented that the cable jacket becomes brittle after relatively short time.

This article is published in the Quest Trend Magazine on the link below.

The trends are based on the market surveys of Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, with the title „The procurement process of the German F&B Industry regarding drive technology and sensors“. This survey covered 120 of the 415 large enterprises (=29%) in the six turnover-strongest sectors of the F&B Industry.

Quest TechnoMarketing is specialised in market surveys for the automation technology for more than 20 years and is the publisher of the Quest Trend Magazine.

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