Public access to “Geological and Mineral Information System” of the Geological Survey of Tanzania launched

The Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) and Beak Consultants GmbH announce the opening of the web portal GMIS-online (“Geological and Mineral Information System”). Powered by advangeo® software products, GMIS?online provides public access to important geological and mineral information, such as geological maps, the mineral occurrence database, metadata of the archive and the library.
The new information system is launched as a part of the Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of Tanzania (MEM) to enhance investment into the mineral sector and support the economic and social growth of the country.
GMIS?online will be further developed and improved, both with regard to the data content and its technical capabilities.

Beak Consultants GmbH provides consulting services in the fields of geology, minerals, project due diligence, nature and soil protection, remediation of contaminated sites, planning, development and implementation of information systems, as well as data capture/cartography/GIS in Germany and abroad.
Currently, Beak employs ca. 40 professionals from the fields of geo-sciences, computer sciences, and cartography.


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