PCI-PIO: Digital I/O card from bmcm with quadrature decoder

It almost seems to be inconspicuous at first sight. As the saying goes, however, „Still waters run deep“: Behind the highly-integrated design of the PCI-PIO board from bmcm lies a multifunctional concept.

CMOS/TTL compatible digital signals can be recorded and output at two bidirectional 16-bit ports. The short latency of the PCI interface makes the PCI-PIO especially attractive for controlling tasks.
–> www.bmcm.de/us/pr-pci-pio.html

The 3.3V and 5V mode short card is installed in a free PCI slot and supplied by the PC making additional cabling unnecessary. The digital lines are available at a D-Sub37 female. The PC housing provides optimum protection against interferences.

Furthermore, up to three 32-bit counters or incremental encoders (also with external reset) can be connected at any digital inputs allowing the PCI-PIO to be used for the acquisition of counting pulses, the determination of position, or for distance and angular measurements with max. 1MHz total acquisition rate.

Changing to counter mode is done via software. The software for installation and programming (LIBAD4) under Windows 7/XP is included free. Due to Plug&Play technology, the PCI hardware is recognized automatically by the PC making installation a lot easier.

In addition, the PCI-PIO is supported by NextView 4.4, the user software for data acquisition and analysis from bmcm. A fully functional 30-day trial is included with delivery to directly test the functionality of the digital PCI card.
–> http://www.nextview.de

Great emphasis has been put on an excellent price-performance-ratio: Clearly remaining in the double-digit Euro range, the PCI-PIO is unrivaled in its triple feature „Digital I/O, counter and incremental encoder function“.

The PCI-PIO provides an all-round function package for digital applications. Further information is available on the website of BMC Messsysteme GmbH at: http://www.bmcm.de/us

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