One component for many applications – PowerOne high-current elements

Robust, single-component power elements are used for supplying and/or distributing high currents in conjunction with printed circuit board-based systems. Currents up to 1000 amps are possible depending on the pin configuration and the layout. The product group is now successfully employed in a wide range of designs. The production method allows individual adjustments to be made to constructions and dimensions.

The high-current contacts are ideal connecting elements for fuses, IGBTs, switches and cables on the printed circuit board, or are suitable joining elements from printed circuit board to printed circuit board or printed circuit board to housing. The high-current contacts can also be used for both board-to-board connection and wire-to-board for screwing ring-terminal connections.
PowerOne power elements from Würth Elektronik ICS are pressed into the printed circuit board. This manufacturing step can be easily integrated into the process chain and is extremely cost-effective. Several power elements can also be pressed in simultaneously using appropriate placement tools.

The entire range of Würth Elektronik ICS high-current elements is available at, the original power element online shop.

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