New NBP pressure sensor series from Honeywell

With more than 50,000 products, sensor technology is already a very successful segment in the Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions business division. Only a few days ago, the company once again expanded its range of sensors. The Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors of the NBP series now allow very simple and cost-effective solutions to measure relative and absolute pressures.

The new NBP pressure sensors are available in 9 housing versions, resulting from the combination of three assembly technologies for the PCB and three pressure connection versions. Over and above, up to 12 relative pressure measurement ranges and up to 11 absolute pressure measurement ranges can be selected for each housing version.

The measurement system of the NBP pressure sensors consists of a silicon membrane with four integrated piezoresistive sensor elements which are connected as a wheatstone bridge. The differential voltage of the bridge (full-scale: 15 mV/V to 26 mV/V) is also the output signal of the pressure sensor.

The conditioning of the measurements (amplification, calibration and temperature compensation) takes place with the aid of external components. This concept has the advantage that the quality of signal processing can always be optimally adapted to the requirements of the respective application. If required, this technology also allows for particularly high resolutions and accuracies.

The properties of the NBP pressure sensors at a glance:

• Suitable for the measurement of relative and absolute pressures
• Available in housings for SMT and THT assembly
• Compact designs (7×7 mm or 11.5×7 mm)
• Wide temperature range -40 °C to +125 °C
• Wide operating voltage range 1.8 V to 12 V
• High measurement accuracy (max. error ± 0.25%)
• Suitable for industrial and medical equipment

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