ibaPDA-V6 now available with interface for Bachmann-M1-controller

iba AG has added to the connectivity of ibaPDA-V6 – its PC-based system for central acquisition of process data – a request interface for M1 control systems by Bachmann. Using this interface, users can configure conveniently the measurement of data from the control during operation. By means of the request technology, the user gets important information for troubleshooting in course of the running production process.

The ibaPDA-V6 process data acquisition system deposits the measured values from the Bachmann controller as so-called DAT files or on the HD server, for these values can be subsequently analyzed using the free ibaAnalyzer software. ibaPDA-V6 can process several thousands of signals at a typical acquisition rate of 1 kHz and a maximum of 100 kHz for vibration measurements. Due to its broad connectivity, the process data acquisition system (PDA) not only disposes of the newly created interface but also of interfaces to all common bus systems and device generations.

For a convenient signal projection and signal request, the M1-controller needs to be connected via network to ibaPDA-V6. Using the M1 directory, the values to be measured can be selected in the I/O configurator of the measurement system by their symbolic name. An agent module configured on the Bachmann-M1 system, receives the measurement requirements and outputs the desired measured signals with cycle accuracy via Profibus. On the part of the measurement system, these measurement data are received by the ibaBM-DPM-S Profibus module and recorded as measurement signals. Due to the request technology, the measured signals can be re-configured freely during operation of the automation. “This is especially a clear advantage when searching for errors in continuously operating systems”, explains Dr. Ulrich Lettau, CEO of iba AG. Further output channels like TCP/IP and BlueCom for the ibaPDA-V6 with Bachmann interface are currently in preparation.

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