Digital I/O System USB-OI16: Universal Highlight for Digital Measurement

Monitoring of automated production processes, control of machines and systems, acquisition of quantities, and other test procedures often require a digital solution.

The following few examples demonstrate the great variety of possible applications:
When a product passes a light barrier, it is registered. This sets off a manufacturing process.
Articles are counted to pack them in same quantities or to determine the percentage of faulty production.
Position and angle of a robot arm have to be supervised permanently to guarantee for quality and safety. In case of emergency, a system is turned off.

Measurement and control systems, meeting the special demands in industry, must also be able to handle higher voltages and currents. Being close to machines, they have to be interference-proof in addition.

The USB-OI16 has been custom-developed by of BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) for digital applications in the industrial field such as production data acquisition (PDA).
However, the compact USB device suitable for DIN rail mounting is a universal all-rounder.
All functions of a digital I/O device, an incremental encoder system, and an optocoupler card with semi-conductor switches have been combined on approximately 4—-x4—- only.

Voltage (3..32V) and current (250mA per output) can be recorded and output at 16 digital inputs and outputs each – interference-free and protected against high potentials of machines or other loads due to galvanic isolation. LEDs on the board signalize active states of the digital lines.

Especially to mention are the two 32-bit counters with quadrature decoder available at the first digital inputs. They feature not only simple counting of pulses or the connection of an up/down counter, but also the acquisition of position and frequency with incremental encoders.
Ideal for measurements in the low-frequency range (e.g. rotation speed measurement at slowly rotating shafts) is the integrated pulse-time function used to precisely measure the time interval between two signal edges.

The common USB features are provided such as Plug & Play, hot-plug, and bus-powered (external supply possible with 7..32V). It can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX systems.

The USB-OI16 can directly be operated with bmcm–s professional measuring software NextView supporting the complete function range of the device.

Measured, controlled, and counted – digital all-in-one with USB-OI16. Further information is provided on the bmcm website.

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