Central administration and individual evaluation of decentrally acquired data

At the turn of the year, iba AG – located in Northern Bavaria – introduced the ibaDatManager.
With the user-friendly application for central administration of measured data, the latter can be searched and analyzed in a comprehensive and consistent way throughout the whole production process. The files can be found either by their name or by means of their properties. The single departments of a company like production, quality assurance and maintenance get an insight in all available data and can at the same time have a look at these data filtered by individual criteria.

Especially in complex production processes and automated plants, process- and quality monitoring are based on numerous measured variables. For acquisition and recording of these measured variables, iba AG offers modular hard- and software components that can be combined and make the whole process more transparent. The data are recorded locally during different stages of production in the process. With ibaDatManager, it is possible for users to analyze the locally recorded data across processes and have this way always an eye on all relevant key figures.

ibaDatManager searches in the stored data for specific characteristics like e.g. production period, batch number, limit values that have been exceeded and further parameters in order to initialize the process optimization. For this purpose the measured data files that have been found can be opened by means of the ibaAnalyzer software one by one or as a group of files.
With ibaDatManager, users in very varied organizational units (which are usually especially mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, quality assurance and production) can search via a surface that is customizable to every task and can be used in an intuitive way. Recorded events can even be found in case the name and the storage location of the desired file are unknown.

A major German flat steel manufacturer has been convinced in a pilot project by the numerous features of the software on the administrator level. The surface can be configured freely and supports MS SQL-Server, MS Access, Oracle and other ODBC-compatible databases. The administrator has access to a whole lot of design tools like checkboxes, comboboxes, selection lists and a calendar function. The layouts can be changed individually by just a few adjustments and hence be adapted to the needs of certain user groups.

Customer confirms considerable time-savings and improved system performance

In the pilot project, not only the time savings have proven to be a major advantage, but also the network load that could be reduced noticeably by using the ibaDatManager. Due to the fact that the search for measured data files is database-based and based on an index table, no mass data have to be transferred via the network. This is why there has been an increase in system performance for the customers. The application, which has proven to be effective not only in the steel industry but also in the packaging industry, will be made available for broad use in the first quarter of 2013.

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