BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) releases new Catalog for Data Acquisition

BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), long-time manufacturer for PC measurement
technology made in Germany introduces his latest developments in the range of data
acquisition publishing the revised version of his „DATA ACQUISITION“ catalog.

The available product brochures from bmcm are categorized by the links of the
measuring chain: sensors, measuring amplifiers, data acquisition systems, and
measurement software.
The „DATA ACQUISITION“ catalog presents the product lines of external measurement
systems for the LAN and USB interface, as well as the internal DAQ cards for PCI, PCIe
(PCI-Express), and PC/104.

The USB interface has become a standard for PC data acquisition systems over the years.
The cost-effective Plug & Play devices are especially suitable for applications at a laptop.
Bmcm provides USB devices featuring different performance classes with up to 250kHz
sampling rate for analog and digital signals.

Whenever the USB interface, however, comes to its limits, concerning real-time ability,
interference resistance, or reliable data transmission, for example, bmcm offers the LAN
measurement technology as the right solution.
The latest LAN-AD16f is ideal for long-term acquisition of many channels at many places
across great distances. The sampled data are brought together synchronously via one
network cable to a central PC.

Immunity to interferences and short latencies are the great features of the internal PC slot
cards (PCI, PCIe, PC/104). As they are installed into a PC, they are recommended for
stationary applications in a laboratory or at test stands.
The performance of the measuring cards can be defined according to the demands by
choosing from different plug-on modules to be used for the PCI and PCIe cards from

The „all-in-one“ measurement systems with 8 or 16 analog inputs are taking a special
position integrating signal conditioning (5B measuring amplifiers) and data acquisition
(USB or LAN measuring unit) in one robust aluminum case. Plug-in cassettes with
different connectors for sensors allow the individual configuration of the system for the
measuring task.

As bmcm puts great emphasis on the compatibility of its product groups to each other,
various examples in the catalog for DAQ systems demonstrate how bmcm products of
signal conditioning, data acquisition, and connection technology can be combined with
each other according to the individual requirements.

The „DATA ACQUISITION“ catalog, as well as the other product brochures, can be
ordered from bmcm for free (–> ) or downloaded as PDF from the
website (–> )

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