Bill Introduced to Congress to Allow Rapid DNA Testing to Be Performed by Law Enforcement Officials

PLEASANTON, CA — (Marketwired) — 12/04/14 — H.R. 5789, , to establish a system for the integration of Rapid DNA instruments for use by law enforcement, has been introduced by Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin. Rapid DNA analysis provides automated, sample-to-answer results within two hours, making it an effective tool for local and regional law enforcement to quickly identify suspects of violent crime, reduce violent crime and help reduce the current DNA analysis backlog.

The bill would be an addendum to the , which established federal DNA labs and authorized the FBI to begin compiling DNA information in a central database. The database is known as the National DNA Index System (NDIS), and the system for analyzing and communicating data is called the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Law enforcement officers around the country would be able to compare DNA samples collected at time of arrest to this central repository of DNA information more quickly identifying suspects linked to previous crimes.

The will clear the way for decentralization of DNA technology, enabling state and local law enforcement jurisdictions to perform Rapid DNA analysis on subjects meeting current legislative guidelines.

„Rapid DNA technology has the potential to revolutionize our criminal justice system,“ stated Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. „Quickly identifying violent criminals and exonerating the innocent with Rapid DNA analysis is a powerful tool to help keep our communities safe, while saving taxpayer dollars,“ Sensenbrenner added.

„The introduction of this Bill represents another milestone for the widespread utilization of Rapid DNA technology,“ stated Robert Schueren, President, Chief Executive Officer of IntegenX. „Rapid DNA instruments are becoming a critical tool for local law enforcement, empowering them to act quickly, exclude irrelevant suspects and bring the right people to justice.“ Schueren continued, „IntegenX is committed to bringing Rapid DNA testing to the forefront of our communities where our mission is to provide a timely response to law enforcement.“

IntegenX Inc., headquartered in Pleasanton, California, is the market leader of Rapid Human DNA identification technology. IntegenX technology platforms integrate advanced fluidics, optics, and biochemistry capabilities to produce sample-to-answer products for DNA-based human identity testing for forensics and law enforcement applications. For more information, please visit .

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