Big Bang Empire: The erotic browser game

Extremely sexy, outrageously funny! This is the best way to describe the newest project of Munich based Publisher European Games Group who has already managed to delight millions of players with massively entertaining games such as Hero Zero and Operation X. After one very successful open beta phase that saw 240.000 adventurous participants, 86.514 produced movies and 15.975 newly founded movie studios, Big Bang Empire has officially opened its gates to players on December 1, 2014.
Castles, farms, spaceships? Browser game fans have already thoroughly explored all of these scenarios. The free online game Big Bang Empire will take them to new – and hot – shores: As budding adult movie stars they will get the humorous chance to conquer the blue movie Olympus! With its brightly colored comic-style graphics, Big Bang Empire was clearly inspired by the classics of the erotic game genre and aspires to be just as outrageously funny as its famous predecessors.
Big Bang Empire casts a humorous glance at one of mankind–s favourite pastimes, and the business that surrounds it, in a way that is definitely sexy – but without showing any actual nudity. It is therefore suited for all players who do not fear a little touch of sexiness, but are mainly looking forward to loads of fun with eccentric characters and hilarious dialogues.
By fulfilling manifold amusing missions, players will earn skill points and money to equip their rising star with sexy outfits and whacky items. Then they need to decide which step to tackle next in their career: do they engage in a pillow swinging duel with one of their rivals for fame and diamonds, shoot their first, sizzling hot movie or found their very own film studio with the help of friends and fellow players?
What are you waiting for? Put on your rabbit ears and conquer Big Bang Empire–s five exciting cities in countless missions and many, many rolls of film!
Get started here: or
Screenshots, artwork as well as the official trailer can be found here:
User: BigBangEmpire
Password: BBEPresse
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Founded in 2010 by CEO Johannes Sevket Gözalan, the European Games Group focuses on the world-wide distribution of „free to play“ online games on mobile devices, browsers and Facebook.

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