BACE Introduces the SmartBaler System

CHARLOTTE, NC — (Marketwired) — 11/18/14 — BACE, a global manufacturer of heavy-duty balers and compactors for use in the recycling and waste management industries, has introduced its SmartBaler System. Combining a digital scale with business-intelligence software, the system will enable any baler from any manufacturer to weigh its own contents and transmit any and all relevant data to ensure users get the most from their balers — and the most out of the relationship between the paper recycler and the customer.

„It–s hard to know if the greater benefits of the SmartBaler System are to businesses or the environment,“ said Fred Waite, Chairman of BACE. „While it certainly decreases the number of trucks that need to be on the road, thereby reducing exhaust emissions, it also provides great benefits to recyclers and retailers.“

The SmartBaler System eliminates weight disputes and needless truck runs, notifies users of the need for preventive maintenance, brings total transparency to recycling transactions for the very first time. The system tracks the number of bales produced and the exact weight of each bale as it–s ejected from the baler. It notifies recyclers when x number of bales are ready for pick up, reducing fuel costs, exhaust emissions, travel time, and insurance costs. It tracks usage and sends alerts when the baler is ready for preventive maintenance. It prints and places bar codes on each bale for traceability. And it automatically orders baling wire or strapping.

Retailers will be able to do store-to-store comparisons to ensure maximum recycling efficiencies. The SmartBaler System helps increase revenues from recyclables. It eliminates the need for audit services since bales are weighed before they–re exposed to the elements and weight-increasing moisture. And the bar codes can even be used to set up automatic payment arrangements for the recycled materials. Recyclers and retailers will no longer need to debate each transaction. They can spend their time improving their bottom lines. This a huge step for an industry that–s been static for a very long time.

BACE is a global manufacturer of heavy-duty balers and compactors for use in the recycling and waste management industry. BACE is headquartered at 2205 North Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC. For more information, please visit or email .

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