Alexium CEO Meets Key Legislators in Support of Eco-Friendly Flame Retardants

PERTH, AUSTRALIA and GREER, SC — (Marketwired) — 11/24/14 — (ASX: AJX) (OTCQX: AXXIY) announced today that expanding upon recent visits to Alexium–s Greer, SC, facility by Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), both of whom saw demonstrations of Alexium–s innovative products, company CEO Nick Clark traveled to Washington, DC, to educate legislators and regulators about the innovative and environmentally friendly flame retardant applications being developed by Alexium.

While previous trips to Washington have revolved mostly around working with the United States military, an effort that has seen tremendous progress recently, this time the focus of the trip was working with legislators and regulators to ensure that noxious flame retardants from upholstered furniture and children–s products, such as changing table pads, crib mattresses, pajamas, nap mats and nursing pillows, are eliminated from the marketplace.

Legislation recently introduced by Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) aims to ban the top ten most toxic flame retardant chemicals, and Nick was pleased to deliver the message that Alexium is capable of meeting the high standards set forth in the legislation, namely to provide flame retardant treatment to these consumer products without the use of these dangerous toxins.

After several meetings with legislators, as well as top scientists at the Consumer Product Safety Commission in Bethesda, MD, Nick–s message of a safe way to provide FR treatment was well received.

„As a small business that can provide improved, safe and toxin free solutions for flame retardant applications, it is imperative that law makers and regulators understand our process, our technology and our commitment to providing an American-made, cost effective and quality product at all levels of government, from the Department of Defense to the Consumer Product Safety Commission,“ Nick said. Clark continued, „I look forward to working with Senator Schumer, Senator Graham, Congressman Gowdy and others in Congress to ensure that the while we protect soldiers and consumers from the dangers of fire, we are also not exposing them to dangerous toxins that can lead to immediate and long term health problems. Alexium was founded on this principle, and I am very pleased to be able to support the efforts of those in Washington taking up this cause.“

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Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX) (OTCQX: AXXIY) holds proprietary patent applications for a process developed initially by the U.S. Department of Defense, which allows for the surface modification and attachment of nano-particles or multiple chemical functional groups to surfaces or substrates to provide functions such as fire retardancy, water proofing, oil proofing, and anti-microbial treatments. Applications under development include but are not limited to textiles, paints, and packaging, glass and building materials. Alexium–s fire retardant chemical treatment are currently marketed for different fabric markets under the Ascalon, Nycolon, Nuvalon, and Polytron, Omnitron and Bactron trademarks.

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